About the Park

It does not matter whom you take with you on your holiday: your family, your friends or your spouse: with us, you will always find a warm and safe haven on Terschelling. Our facilities for children, such as the playground equipment, contribute to Tjermelân being the ideal place to be for families. Besides, as soon as you leave the holiday park to discover Terschelling, you will find a world full of nature, tranquillity and amazing panoramic views. You will encounter a special playground where even grown-ups get excited to go on adventures and explore the island.


Apart from the fact that Tjermelân is a very cosy and pleasant holiday park, the park also attaches great value to sustainability. Tjermelân is certified by Green Key and has been granted the ‘Waddengoud Keurmerk’, an important Dutch verification mark. This mark guarantees that products from the Wadden Sea Area, are produced in a sustainable way. If you decide to spend your holiday in our park, you are making a well-considered and sensible choice.




Naturally Terschelling
Choose wisely, choose sustainability
Plenty of facilities for children
Free Wi-Fi