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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you will find questions for all kinds of questions. Choose a subject in the left column and then click on the question to display the answer. If your question is not listed, please use the search engine or call or email us using the contact details you will find at the bottom of every page of the website.

Book and pay

I haven't received a confirmation of my booking, what now?

You can contact the reception, and they will ensure that you receive a new reservation confirmation.

When will I receive a confirmation of my booking?

If you have made a booking, you will receive a final reservation confirmation within 2 days.

I have booked for a midweek and a weekend back-to-back. Can I get the same accommodation for both bookings?

You can stay in the same accommodation, provided that no one has booked with a preference booking.

How do I book for a longer period?

You can book a stay of up to 3 weeks via the website. If you would like to stay longer than 3 weeks at one of our parks, please contact us by phone.

Can I book multiple holiday accommodations at once?

It's not possible to book multiple cottages simultaneously via the website. However, when contacting us by phone, it's not a problem to book multiple cottages at once.

Why can't I add pets during booking?

If you are unable to add pets during booking, it means there are no available accommodations where pets are allowed. You can contact the reception to explore other options.

Can I add extras after I have booked?

You can always modify your booking once it's been confirmed. However, please be aware that there may be additional charges in some cases, such as when changing the dates of your stay.

Is it possible to indicate a preference for a smoke-free or pet-free holiday home?

During booking, you can specify the location, amenities, and features that the accommodation should meet.

What is a preferred booking?

With a preferred booking, you indicate in which accommodation you would like to stay during your vacation. If the option is not available, we will contact you.

What are the additional costs on top of the rental price?

The reservation fee and tourist tax are always added on top of the rental price of an accommodation. You can choose to book some additional options, and these costs will be added on top of that.

Until when can I book accommodation?

You can book until one day in advance.

Please consider the ferry service occupancy during high season!

From what age can I make a booking?

Bookings are allowed for individuals aged 21 and above.

Is my online booking final?

Once you have made the booking, it is final in the system. If you want to make an option, you can indicate this under the section 'remarks' during the booking.

How does online booking work?

On our website, you can click on the 'search and book' button in the top right corner. You will then be directed to the accommodations we offer. You can specify the arrival and departure dates and the number of people and/or pets.

You can also choose from the options. Think about which park you would like to stay at and what facilities you would like the accommodation to offer. Once you have done that, you will be directed to the page where the available accommodations are presented, and you can make a choice. Then, for a fee, you can choose in which accommodation you would like to stay. You can complete the reservation by entering your details. If you agree to the terms, you can finalize the reservation. Within 2 days, you will receive a final reservation confirmation detailing your reservation, as well as the payment terms and bank details. You can also choose to pay for the reservation directly via Ideal.

Can I book extras (such as bed linen and children's furniture)?

Yes, this is possible. During the reservation process, you can select which extras you would like to add. This can also be done up to 1 day before arrival in your account.

Can I add another pet to my booking or remove one?

Depending on the availability of pet-friendly accommodations, we can add a pet to your booking. The cost for bringing a pet is €5 per night. If you decide not to bring your pet after all, we will of course refund these costs upon your arrival at the park.

Easily submit your changes

You can easily submit your request yourself, and we will add the pet for you. And if you indicate that your pet will not be accompanying you, we will remove it from your booking. Please indicate this clearly in the comments field.

Is it possible to place an option on a booking?

Yes, it is possible to place an option on a booking. An option can be placed for a maximum of 14 days. Please contact the reception of one of our parks to place an option.

I have lost my booking confirmation. Can I receive it again?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact the reception of one of our parks for this.

When and how will I receive my booking confirmation?

You will receive a booking confirmation by email from us within 24 hours.

What is included in the rent and what is not?

Included in the rent:

-      Electricity, gas, and water

-      VAT (Value Added Tax)

-      Cleaning costs

Mandatory additional costs:

-      Reservation fees

-      Tourist tax per person, per night (from 4 years old)

-      Bringing pets along? You will be charged per pet.

Can I take out a cancellation fund through Terschelling Recreation?

Yes, that is possible. Upon reservation, you can take out a cancellation fund. By participating in the cancellation fund, you can protect yourself against cancellation costs caused by one of the following events, provided they are substantiated with official statements. If an official statement is not possible, we reserve the right to conduct an investigation. In case of cancellation, a €35 administration fee will be charged. Late or incomplete payment will be considered as cancellation. Failure to arrive without notice on the day of arrival will be considered as cancellation. The premium for participation in the cancellation fund is 6% of the base rental amount.

1)    Sudden illness or accident affecting one of the family members.

2)    Death in the family, meaning the death of partner, (step-)parents, children, brothers/sisters of the main person or family members.

3)   Special call-up for military service, other than mobilization.

4)   Involuntary unemployment of the main person.


The reimbursement of cancellation costs or the compensation for interruption is limited to the insured amount.

The cancellation fund runs from the day of reservation until the day of departure. In case of early termination of the holiday due to reasons 1 through 4, the remaining prepaid amount will be refunded to you after settlement of the number of days enjoyed.

I have booked accommodation and want to change the period or the park. Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact the reception of our parks for this. We are happy to assist you further. Please note that the rental price may remain the same but can also increase. If the modified booking becomes more expensive, you will be required to pay the difference.

Where can I find the map of the park?

Through the following two links, you can view and download the maps of our parks:

Vakantiepark de Riesen

Vakantiepark Tjermelân

Is it possible to cancel the reservation?

There are conditions associated with canceling. After you make the reservation there will be an email with the general conditions for your information.

Do I need to transfer the whole amount before arrival?

No, this is not always required. After receiving the reservation confirmation, within 14 days you must pay 50% of the rent,

half of the rented extras and the cancellation fund. The remainder of the rent and the extras you booked must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival.

If the total cost is less than € 250 or you make your reservation less than 8 weeks before arrival, you will pay the entire amount at once. In consultation we can also make other arrangements.

How can I pay?

You can pay online via iDeal or transfer the amount.

Arrival and departure

Can I check out later (for a fee)?

Upon availability and in consultation with the reception, a late check-out is possible. The cost for a late check-out is €25.

What should I do if I depart a day earlier?

You can follow the normal check-out procedure of the holiday park. You can hand over the key at the reception or deposit it in the designated mailbox.

What do I need to do before departing from my accommodation?

On the day of departure, we kindly ask you to vacate the bungalow by 10:00 AM at the latest. You can drop off the house key at the reception. If you depart before 9:00 AM, you can deposit the keys and any bicycle keys in the mailbox at the park entrance.

Our cleaners will ensure the accommodation is in top condition for the next guest, but please consider the following upon departure:


-          If you rent multiple bungalows with a group or family and move inventory from one bungalow to another, please make sure to return the correct number of items to each bungalow upon departure.

-         The dishwasher needs time to run, so please make sure you have started it on time so you can unload it before your departure.

-         Please leave the accommodation vacuumed.

-          Due to seagulls, we kindly request that you do not leave garbage outside. Please deposit garbage in the designated containers.

-          Please remove the rented bed linen and deposit it along with the rented bath and kitchen linen in the roll container at the reception.

-          Close windows and turn off lights. Set the thermostat of the heating to 12 ºC.

I'm arriving after the reception closes, what should I do?

This is not a problem of course. Please let us know in advance. Contact the reception and we will make the necessary preparations for your arrival after closing time.

What time can I check into my vacation accommodation?

Our vacation accommodations are available from 4:00 PM onwards.

However, we aim to clean our accommodations in time for the arrival of the boats, so early check-in may be possible. Arrangements can be made with the reception on the day of arrival.

How far is the walk from the bus stop?

De Riesen: The bus stops on the Hoofdweg at the stop camping de Kooi/camping Cupido in Hee. From there you walk about 800 meters on an asphalt road to vacation park de Riesen.

Tjermelân: The bus stops in front of the main entrance, at the Hoofdweg stop Tjermelân.

How does my luggage get to the resort?

From the ferry or express boat, you bring your own luggage. You can use the bus or cab and bring the luggage yourself.

Many people rent a bike upon arrival at West Terschelling, the luggage can then be delivered to the vacation park by the bike rental company. Look also at Cycling on Terschelling.


How many dogs or other pets are allowed in my vacation accommodation?

During your stay, a maximum of 3 dogs/pets are allowed in your accommodation.

Can my pet come on vacation?

Your pet is certainly welcome at both parks.

Can I reserve equipment for disabled individuals?

You can reserve equipment for individuals with disabilities via

We'll ensure that the necessary equipment is delivered to your cottage. If you require an extra step at the accommodation, it's no trouble at all.


Is the final cleaning included in the rental price?

Yes, all mentioned rental prices include final cleaning.

I use a wheelchair, can I vacation with you?

Yes, we have a vacation bungalow equipped for a disabled person. This bungalow is on Tjermelan, is for four people and has one height-adjustable bed, and three single beds at fixed height. There is an under wheel sink and ditto sink and an adapted bathroom.

There are wide doorways, a private terrace and the possibility of parking to the bungalow.


What is included in a bed linen, towels, or kitchen towels package?

All packages are priced per item/person. A bed linen package consists of a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase.

A towels package consists of one large bath towel and one small bath towel.

A kitchen towels package consists of one hand towel, one tea towel, and one dishcloth.

A combination package consists of a bed linen package and a towels package.

What is the cost of renting bed linen?

Linen is rented per set. You can rent the following sets from us:

Bed linen set: €8.50

Towel set: €6.50

Combination package (bed linen and towels): €12.75

Kitchen linen: €5.00

Baby linen: €5.15

Can I charge my electric car at the park?

Both holiday parks Tjermelan and De Riesen have a charging point for electric cars. The charging station has a capacity of 22 kWh. There are 2 charging points per park.

Can I bring my electric car?

Yes, both on vacation park de Riesen and on vacation park Tjermelân you can charge your electric car at either charging station.

Is there a sauna at Terschelling Recreation?

There are accommodations with own sauna or infrared cabin at both vacation parks De Riesen and vacation park Tjermelân. Also Hotel Tjermelân has apartments with their own sauna.

What is there to do for children?

Your child can play freely on one of the many playing fields with swings, sandboxes, balance beams and slides scattered throughout the vacation parks.

You can borrow books, games and puzzles (free of charge) from reception.

More about playing and on vacation on Terschelling with children.

What is the nearest supermarket?

On supermarkets on Terschelling you will find all the information. Do you take into account difference between high and low season?

Vacation park de Riesen is located near the hamlet of Hee.

The vacation homes de Fuik and Kijkduin are located in Midsland-Noord.

Vacation park Tjermelân and Hotel Tjermelân are located near Oosterend.


Can I watch Netflix in the holiday accommodations?

Netflix is easy to use when you're on the go or traveling. Watch Netflix as you normally would on portable devices like a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. Log in to your account on the Netflix website to stream directly online from our smart TVs. Don't forget to log out again before leaving.

Are there accommodations with a fenced garden?

At the holiday parks, there are no accommodations with fenced gardens.

Are all accommodations smoke-free?

All our accommodations are smoke-free.

Is linen provided in the bungalow?

You can bring your own bed linen, towels, and kitchen linen or add them to your booking. Pillows and duvets (single) are provided in the bungalows.

Are there pet-free accommodations?

Yes, pets are not allowed in the hotel on Tjermelân. Nor in the Villa bungalow 2 bathrooms on vacation park Tjermelân. Nor in the 5 person Finnish bungalows on the Riesen. These are pet free.

Can I park my car next to the accommodation?

That depends on the accommodation. Vacation park Tjermelân is car-free. Loading and unloading is allowed. You park on a central parking lot, from where you can walk to your accommodation.

On De Riesen you can park your car next to your bungalow.

At both vacation homes De Fuik and Kijkduin you can park your car on the driveway next to the vacation home.

Is it possible to smoke outside the bungalow?

Is it possible to smoke outside the bungalow? At the park all the bungalows are smoke free. However, it is allowed to smoke outside. Make sure to bring your travel ashtray.

Can I order a crib or high chair?

Yes, there are child-friendly accommodations with a children's room with crib and dresser and these accommodations also have a children's chair.

These are the bungalows with a children's room and also the vacation homes de Fuik and Kijkduin.

Some other accommodations have a spacious master bedroom where a travel cot can be added. A high chair can be rented via the site.

Hotel Tjermelân is adult-only, there is no children''s furniture here.

What is the difference between the Hotel Apartment and the Hotel studio?

-The apartment is on the first floor and has a private terrace.

-The studio is on the second floor and can be accessed by stairs. In the studio there is also a spiral staircase to the loft. The studio has no terrace.

-The apartment has an area of 44 m² . Surface area of the studio is 22 m² + 10 m² (loft).

Is there a bungalow still available?

If there are no bungalows available on the website this means the park is full. The availability on the website is accurate and is updated every couple of minutes.


How can I vacation as sustainably as possible?

We do our best to help you have a sustainable vacation. That includes saving and generating sustainably as well as avoiding single-use packaging.

We can also advise where you can go on foot or by bike on trips. You can use the new ferries of Rederij Doeksen on Norwegian LNG, possibly with CO2 compensation.

Electric buses run on the island. Both parks have the Greenkey Gold certification

Lost items back again?

Have you forgotten something? You can ask for the lost property during opening hours by phone or e-mail at the relevant park.

If the item has been found, you can request postage yourself from You can then e-mail the proof of postage to us. Then we will send the package.

Can we barbecue on the park?

Yes, you are allowed to barbecue on the park. We ask you to take precautions, such as a bucket of water for emegencies. The barbecue itself cannot be on the grass, also make sure to keep enough distance from the garden furniture.

If you would like to rent a barbecue this is possible, you can rent it at butcher shop Schaafsma in West-Terschelling.

Can you walk from your cottage to the beach?

Sporty walkers walk to the North Sea beach, just beware, in the wet season some paths are poorly accessible.

Walking with a stroller or wagon is not always doable either, especially with loose sand. It sometimes involves very narrow forest and heath paths.

From vacation park de Riesen, an experienced walker can walk to the beach at West aan Zee in about 45 minutes.

From vacation park Tjermelân the practiced hiker walks in 45 minutes through cranberry-layers and dunes to the North Sea beach near pole 16.

See also walking on Terschelling.

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