Environment Terschelling Hotel

One of Terschelling’s most important amenities is the vast nature, through which you are allowed to bike or walk practically unrestricted. The islands’ nature is so beautiful and special that it has been declared a world heritage site.

For bird and plant fanatics, Terschelling is the ideal location to be, but also for people who are simply looking for tranquillity, space and fresh air; Terschelling will be a true relief.

Holiday Park ‘Tjermelân’
World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea
‘Waddengoud’ village Oosterend
Nature reserve ‘De Boschplaat’
North Sea beach


Terschelling offers the unique combination of vast and magnificent nature and the virtual impossibility of getting lost. The sea is always near and once you know how to follow the coast, you will always know how to get home. Besides, you will always be able to find a tall dune in the vast dune landscapes, from which you can not only oversee the entire island, but from which you can sometimes even see the coast on bright days.


In other words: Terschelling is the ideal location if you want to feel like you are the only person left in the world, but you do not feel like getting lost.


Terschelling has a number of specifically designated nature reserves, such as the world-famous ‘Boschplaat’ and the cranberry paradise ‘De Koegelwieck’. Both of these nature reserves are only a ten minute bike ride away from Tjermelân.
However, in reality, if you spend your holiday at Tjermelân, you will be surrounded by nature all the time. The beautiful dune landscapes that surround our holiday park hold their own with the most magnificent nature reserves on the island. If you only take a few steps, you will find yourself in the centre of nature. If you walk only a couple of hundred meters, you can step up to the ‘Waddendijk’, glancing over a nature reserve of excellent quality, where you can enjoy the wonders of nature, such as the many birds flying over your head and the unique tidal movement.




Oosterend consists of one long main street. This village on the east side of Terschelling is a real fishermans village. It is perfect for people who are looking for tranquillity and tourists who wish to be alone. Our holiday park ‘Tjermelân’ is situated in an ideal place for people who love quietness and nature. This villages has the shortest and most peaceful beach. Here you can also find the European nature reserve ‘De Boschplaat’.


Beachbus excursion: You can enjoy the beautiful beach of Terschelling from a comfortable beach bus ride. You will hear exciting stories about the stranded ships, salvages and rescue-missions, through which you will gain an insight into the way in which the islanders have been living off and on the beach for the last hundred years. The beach is more than just a strip of sand; the beach is alive! Every day, the currents, the wind and the tidings ensure that the beach environment is undergoing a continuing change. The coastline provides many bird species with their daily bread and butter.


Covered wagon/horse keeping company ‘Puur Terschelling’: The ambitious horse keeping company ‘Puur Terschelling’ in Oosterend offers you the possibility to go on horseback rides, covered wagon rides and donkey back rides. The company’s activities are true adventures, during which you will not only see much of the island, but you will also hear a lot of facts and details about the history and culture of Terschelling. You can go on campfire trips, you can go on shrimp fishing trips, or you can take a ride to nature reserve ‘De Boschplaat’. You can also choose to go horseback riding at night-time, or even to take your horse into the North Sea breakers.



If you think of the village of ‘Hoorn’, you will immediately think of the island’s famous singer Hessel as well. His café/restaurant ‘De Groene Weide’ is situated in this village: the place where his career started. You will also find the oldest church of Terschelling, the beautiful ‘Sint Nicolaas’ church in Hoorn. Definitely worth a visit!


Agricultural museum ‘Het Hooivak’
When you visit the agricultural museum ‘Het Hooivak’, you will go on a guided tour, during which you will learn a lot about the origin of the farm. The museum is a true attraction, especially for children. They learn how to milk a (fake) cow, they will get to walk on stilts, ride ponies, feed calves, give milk to little lambs, sieve grain, and so on. Your children will learn all about daily life at the farm in a playful way.


Covered wagon/horse keeping company ‘Terpstra’
This company organises covered wagon rides and horseback rides for young and old: these rides will lead you through the dunes and across the beach.