Welcome to Ekkie the Oystercatcher and his friends
Welcome to Ekkie the Oystercatcher and his friends

Kids at Tjermelân

Tjermelan is a holiday park with plenty of facilities for children: the park has lots of playground equipment and an activity space, and thanks to the spacious environment, children can explore the environment all they want. Holiday park ‘Tjermelân’ is a pedestrian area, and there is little car traffic near our park. Once you cross the only main road that is situated in front of the park, your children will find lots of space to play in. You will not have to worry about car traffic or other dangers. This contributes to Tjermelân being a very safe place for your children to spend their holiday.


Pedestrian area
Childproof sockets
Kids’ club
Hello, my name is Ekkie the Oystercatcher

Hello, my name is Ekkie the Oystercatcher

         ☼      ♫

I am so happy that you are all coming to visit me and my friends.

You can find me at Holiday Park ‘Tjermelân’ and Holiday Park ‘De Riesen’ during summer holidays from 16 July to 28 August. 

I will be at Holiday Park ‘Tjermelân’ together with my friend Bessie the bee. We will be dancing and singing all day long! Will you be there, too?




Of course we aren’t just going to be dancing and singing; we will be pottering, playing and we’re going to have a lot of fun!

Will you swing by the reception when you arrive?

By then, we will have listed all the fun activities that we have in store for you!  ☼


See you soon!!! ☺


And… Just in case you can’t wait..

In the meantime, you can try singing the Ekkie song! 



          Ekkie Song   

Hello everyone! I am Bessie the bee

Hello everyone! I am Bessie the bee

I am the happiest bee on the entire island!

Ekkie is my best friend, and together we have the most exciting adventures!

Did you know that Ekkie once saved me from a very dangerous spiders’ web?

Fortunately, it all turned out well, and I can fly to my beloved flowers every day.




Are you curious to find out more about Bessies adventures?

You will need to have a little more patience… Soon you will get to read all about her adventures!

Would you send Ekkie or one of his friends a message?