About the Park

It does not matter whom you take with you on your holiday: your family, your friends or your spouse: with us, you will always find a warm and safe haven on Terschelling. Our facilities for children, such as the playground equipment, contribute to Tjermelân being the ideal place to be for families. Besides, as soon as you leave the holiday park to discover Terschelling, you will find a world full of nature, tranquillity and amazing panoramic views. You will encounter a special playground where even grown-ups get excited to go on adventures and explore the island.


Apart from the fact that Tjermelân is a very cosy and pleasant holiday park, the park also attaches great value to sustainability. Tjermelân is certified by Green Key and has been granted the ‘Waddengoud Keurmerk’, an important Dutch verification mark. This mark guarantees that products from the Wadden Sea Area, are produced in a sustainable way. If you decide to spend your holiday in our park, you are making a well-considered and sensible choice.


Naturally Terschelling
Choose wisely, choose sustainability
Plenty of facilities for children
Free Wi-Fi
Map of Tjermelân

Map of Tjermelân

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Tjermelan map





Are you taking your car with you? Parking is free! Next to the park, there are many parking spaces available. Cars are not allowed in the park area.



Are you looking for a holiday park that is suitable for children? If so, Tjermelân is the place to be.


Our park offers a wide variety of fun playground equipment that is situated on a beautiful playground. We also have a hobby room where children can potter around on cloudy days. Our park also offers an enormous ‘natural’ playground right across the park. Obviously, we are referring to the vast dunes of Terschelling, which lead to the largest sandpit that your children could ever dream of: the immense Terschelling beach.


Terschelling is a safe environment where children can play for hours in the beautiful and vast nature of the island.


During the summer holidays, our Kids’ club will add a little extra fun to all of this. The animators of our Kids’ club will make sure your children have an unforgettable stay at our park.


However, do not forget that the entire island is waiting to be explored. Whenever you go for a bike ride, you will stumble across many lovely restaurants with a terrace and a playground, which will give you and your children that true holiday feeling.



Well, how could you possibly go to a pet paradise such as Terschelling, and not take your dog with you? Your dog is very welcome in our park, in our chalets specially designated for holidays with pets. You can indicate this on your reservation form.


Besides, Tjermelân is ideally situated for both long walks and short strolls with your dog. Whether you choose to take your dog out for a few minutes beneath the magnificent star-spangled sky of the first Darksky Park of the Netherlands, or you choose to take a long walk until you are miles away from anywhere: your route starts at the threshold of our park.



Our wonderful nature offers many different paths and tracks: you will never have to take the same route twice!


Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility

Holiday park ‘Tjermelân’ has one bungalow that is wheelchair accessible. This bungalow offers all facilities that enable disabled people to spend a lovely holiday on Terschelling.


Our holiday park is designed in an accessible way: the reception and the paths are easily accessible by wheelchair. Furthermore, our bungalows offers some extra facilities to make your stay more comfortable.


Terschelling offers a wide variety of fun activities, this includes activities that are wheelchair friendly. Many beach tents offer beach wheelchairs: one of them is even driven electrically and has caterpillar tracks.
You can also take a ride on a horse-drawn covered wagon, or you can rent a mobility scooter, which will take you to every bicycle track you want!


Should you wish for more information on wheelchair accessible activities, you can always turn to our receptionists. They will be happy to inform you about all of the possibilities.




Sustainability and social responsibility


As you enter our holiday park, it will immediately catch your eye: Tjermelân respects the unique nature surrounding the park. Our roofs have been equipped with solar panels, which supply the majority of the energy at the park. We also took measures when it comes to the prevention of light pollution. After all, we have been the pioneers in the process of appointing Terschelling a DarkSky Park! The starry sky of the isolated island of Terscheling is absolutely splendid and Tjermelân contributes to this by using special lighting. We also take our social responsibility seriously by sponsoring local and national charity funds, and we contribute in work experience projects for young people. We are continually making an effort to adjust our ways to our environment. Each and every day, we become more and more aware of the fact that nature is a tremendous treasure, which we need to respect. This awareness has earned us various prestigious verification marks. Tjermelân is very proud to be certified by the Golden Green Key verification mark. This means that we achieved something very special when it comes to a sustainable management of the natural sources of energy and water. We also received the ‘Waddengoud’ verification mark, which guarantees that our guests will get to enjoy the authentic Terschelling experience, during which we strive to handle our environment with absolute care and guarantee to give our guests the special attention they deserve. To conclude, we take part in the ‘Koploper’project (front runner project): a project that stimulates a small group of entrepreneurs to achieve something special and unique when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility.


We could have put it briefly: spending your holiday at Tjermelân is the most conscious and sustainable choice you can make!


Gaze at the stars from Terschelling!


The organisation ‘Terschelling Recreatie’ is the initiator and financier of Dark Sky Park ‘De Boschplaat. 

Holiday Park ‘De Riesen’ is situated in one of the darkest areas of the Netherlands. 


The ideal place to stargaze! In the evening or at night.
You can see many stars near holiday park ‘De Riesen’.
During the daytime, the surroundings of holiday park ‘De Riesen’ are already very beautiful. You will find an enormous area that consists of dunes, the dune lake, the forest, meadows, mud flats, and the beach. At night, the view of this area exceeds all expectations!


At night, the area is lit by a dazzling star-spangled sky. This makes Terschelling one of the best places to stargaze. If you desire more information about which exact stars are visible to the naked eye at night (provided that it is not too cloudy), please contact our reception staff.



Transport to and from Terschelling


The ferry to Terschelling departs from Harlingen. The port of Harlingen is easily accessible by car, but you can also choose to take the train: it takes you all the way up to the port of Harlingen.


Parking in Harlingen

You drive to Harlingen. Here, you can either park your car in one of the parking places, or you can choose to take your car with you to Terschelling.

If you are planning to stay for only a couple of days, it is not worth the effort to take your car with you. You can easily park your car in Harlingen in the parking place beneath the port (though this parking place is often packed), or you can park your car at the ‘long-term’ parking place, near the port. It is possible to take a shuttle bus service to the ferry, but you can also easily go by foot: the long-term parking place is only a couple of hundred meters away from the port.


Transport at Terschelling



Buses will be waiting for you at the port. Bus route number 120 will take you to Tjermelân. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver: a one-way ticket will cost you €2.50. For more information and for the bus schedule, check www.busterschelling.nl.



If you prefer to take a cab, you can take one of the many taxis that will be waiting at the port. Both regular taxis and taxi vans will be available. You can also request a wheelchair accessible taxi. A taxi ride to Tjermelân costs about €25, -.



You will find many bicycle-hire shops at the port. It is possible to book your bicycles in advance, but (except during the theatre festival ‘Oerol’) you can easily hire your bicycles as soon as you arrive at Terschelling. All bicycle-hire shops on the island offer virtually new bicycles and offer a wide selection of bicycle types, such as electric bikes (it is better to book these in advance though).


If you wish to hire a bike from one of the shops at the port, the employees of the shop will take your luggage to your holiday accommodation. This is a great way to start your holiday right away, as soon as you get off the ferry. Please remember that you need to ride your bicycle back to the port on the day of your departure, even when the weather is less pleasant than expected. If you wish, the employees of the shop will take your luggage from your holiday accommodation for free. Your luggage will stay at the shop until you get on board the ferry to go back to Harlingen.




Tjermelân has officially been a camping site since the year 1963. In 1957, people already camped at the farm owned by the family of T. Bakker. In 1986, a number of wooden chalets (caravans) of 30 square meters each, were placed at the park to be let out to tourists. 1986 also was the year in which the family of K.E. Kuiper took over the park. They started expanding: around the year of 1990, they added 18 wooden chalets to their park.


In 1993, a block of apartments was built, comprising of 6 apartments (4 stars). The owners also added 10 studios, a number of wooden chalets, a restaurant, a new reception, a launderette and a tennis court to the park. From April 1999, the 25 villa bungalows started to be let out. In 2008, 34 new dune bungalows were placed at Tjermelân, on the site of the old wooden chalets. Some of these new bungalows offered one bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe, others had two bathrooms and one bungalow was built in a wheelchair accessible way. In 2010, the reception desk was moved to the restaurant. The old reception desk now serves as a room for activities, such as animation activities during the summer. In 2010, the old toilet building that served as a storage space and play room, was converted into a sauna.