About the park

The holiday accommodations at ‘De Riesen’ offer you a cosy and warm stay on the beautiful West Frisian island of Terchelling. Thanks to the beautiful environment, you will feel welcomed to the island and you are invited to enjoy with one other all of the wonderful things that Terschelling has to offer.
Our bungalows are situated on the fringes of the forest and the beautiful dune landscapes of Terschelling, in the centre of the lively heart of the island. On the one hand, the park offers you tranquillity and space and on the other hand, it offers all kinds of activities, all at the same time. Right across the park’s entrance, you will find the very popular dune lake. This is the only swimming spot on the island where you can swim in freshwater. The lake borders on a little beach.

Holiday Park ‘De Riesen’
Kids’ activities
Swimming in the ‘Hee’ lake
Dunes and forest
Parking facilities

Parking facilities

You can drive your car into the park and park next to your bungalow.

The park has been designed in such a way that this does not produce any safety problems.

As a result, it goes without saying that parking here is free.




Holiday Park ‘De Riesen’ is the ideal place to spend your holiday with children. The park is fitted with playground equipment, but this is not the only place children can go to play: the world’s most beautiful playing paradise is located right across from the park: nature!
You will find a forest with plenty of lovely little pathways and trees to climb in. On top of that, the dune lake of the village of Hee is situated right next to the park. Here, you will find a lovely beach and plenty of swimming possibilities (free entrance).


The park is practically situated at the end of an asphalted street, which ensures that there is no through traffic. You will find hardly any traffic in this area. Furthermore, Terschelling is good old-fashioned safe. You can let your children play with an easy mind.


It goes without saying that you can never be entirely sure that your kids will come home without any scrapes or bruises after an afternoon of playing in the forest, but you have to admit: were those not the most wonderful vacations you can remember from your own childhood?



Pets are very welcome at our park. We make sure that a few bungalows are permanently pet free.

You can indicate this on your booking form (for free).


Holiday park ‘De Riesen’ is a lovely place to take long walks with your dog. Whether you wish to take a walk around the beautiful dune lake, or to take a stroll through the meadows and the beautiful forest; your route starts as soon as you leave your cottage.


No need to walk the same route twice! Near the holiday park, you will find a wonderful dune from the top of which you can overlook the entire island. This beautiful view is the ideal reason to take a walk to the top once a day. And this is only just the tip of the iceberg!


Do you want to take your dog for a walk? You have never taken such a wonderful stroll before!


Map of holiday park ‘De Riesen’

Map of holiday park ‘De Riesen’

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Map De Riesen



Here, at holiday park ‘De Riesen’, we respect the beautiful environment around us. We are very careful about it. It is for good reason that we earned the ‘Waddengoud Keurmerk’, an important Dutch verification mark, and the ‘silver Green Key’, an important international verification mark for sustainable companies in the leisure sector. These certificates guarantee that we handle all of our sources, the environment and our staff members in a conscious way. We have made very well-considered choices for all products and services that leave and enter our park. Furthermore, we are involved in various local initiatives and associations.


However, that is not all! Our organisation has played an important part in getting the beautiful nature reserve of ‘De Boschplaat’ awarded the title of ‘Dark Sky Park’. This is a very prestigious title, which shows that there is no better place in the Netherlands to watch gaze at the stars than Terschelling. The title also guarantees that this luxury is preserved and protected.


Gaze at the stars from Terschelling!


The organisation ‘Terschelling Recreatie’ is the initiator and financier of Dark Sky Park ‘De Boschplaat. Holiday Park ‘De Riesen’ is situated in one of the darkest areas of the Netherlands. The ideal place to stargaze! In the evening or at night.
You can see many stars near holiday park ‘De Riesen’.
During the daytime, the surroundings of holiday park ‘De Riesen’ are already very beautiful. You will find an enormous area that consists of dunes, the dune lake, the forest, meadows, mud flats, and the beach. At night, the view of this area exceeds all expectations!

At night, the area is lit by a dazzling star-spangled sky. This makes Terschelling one of the best places to stargaze. If you desire more information about which exact stars are visible to the naked eye at night (provided that it is not too cloudy), please contact our reception staff.



The ferry that will take you to Terschelling departs from Harlingen. The port of Harlingen is easily accessible by car, but also by train: the train will take you all the way to the port.


Travelling by car

You can drive to the city of Harlingen by car. You can park your car here, or take your car to Terschelling by driving it onto the ferry. It is, however, quite expensive to take your car onto the ferry. Besides, it might be fun and easy to take your bicycle to Terschelling. If you do decide to take your car to the island, it might be practical to know that at our park, you can park your car next to your bungalow.


Public transportation

It is a very practical choice to take the train or the bus. The train runs all the way to the station of ‘Harlingen Haven’ (the port of Harlingen), and from there, the ferry is situated within walking distance. Please be aware that in Leeuwarden station, you are transferring from the NS (the Dutch Railways) onto a local rail transporter; please do not forget to check out from the NS-system and to check in to ‘Arriva’ with your public transportation pass.

You can also take the bus across the Afsluitdijk, the causeway running between the city of Den Oever and the village of Zurich in Friesland. This Q-liner drives regularly between the city of Alkmaar and Harlingen.


Travelling by bicycle

It might seem a somewhat strange suggestion, but it happens every year: people from all over the country travel to Terschelling by bicycle. This happened in days of old, and it is still a surprisingly frequent way of travelling. Are you planning to take your bicycle to Terschelling? You can take it with you on the ferry if you pay an extra fee, so you can explore Terschelling on your proper bicycle!


Transport at Terschelling


Public transportation

Once you arrive on the island, you can reach our park either by taxi, bus, or bicycle. If you decide to take the bus, you pay a small fee (check www.bus-terschelling.nl for the current price list). You can get off at bus stop ‘Westend’ (650 meter walk, you will encounter a sandy path on the way), or at bus stop ‘Halte Camping Cupido’ (900 meter walk).


Bicycle hire

You can rent a bicycle at the port. It is only a 5 kilometre bike ride, so you will reach our park in about 15 minutes. Every bicycle hire shop at the port will take your luggage to your accommodation for free, enabling you to take the scenic route by bicycle. Your holiday will start as soon as you get off the ferry! If you wish to make use of this luggage service when you leave the island, an employee of the bicycle hire shop will take your luggage to the ferry on the day of your departure (for free).


Travelling by car

When you reach the port, please turn right. Drive past the vessels, at the beginning of the main street. Keep following this main street. As you leave the village of West-Terschelling, you will drive uphill. As you drive along, you will see some houses and camping sites. Then, you reach open meadows. You are going to need to pay a little extra attention here.


Because not long after that (a couple of hundred meters away), you will start seeing the first houses on the side of the road again: you have reached the village of Hee. Do not take the first exit once you enter ‘Hee’, but take the second exit on your left. You will also see a sign with our park’s name and logo. We would like to recommend that you start driving a little more slowly as you enter the village of ‘Hee’; that way you will eventually see the sign on the side of the road. You can also follow the signs for ‘Camping Cupido’ or ‘Camping de Kooi’. From these camping sites, you need to take the first exit to the left (before the dune lake), and you can drive straight ahead until you reach our front door!

History of camping site ‘De Riesen’

Up until the sixties, camping site ‘De Riesen’ was a meadow from which farmer Cees Hek, from the village of Hee, fetched hay and where his cattle grazed. He hosted some wild campers from time to time, but he did not make any money out of it. At some point, the family decided to apply for a camping license to the municipality of Terschelling. After a number of pumps and some wooden toilets were installed, the camping site was ready to receive guests. Apparently, the camping site was appealing to tourists, as the number of reservations kept on rising. Camping site ‘De Riesen’ was property of Cees Hek until the year 1978. When the Hek family decided it could not maintain the camping site, a daughter of the family and her husband (from the Kuiper family) took over the company. Directly after buying it, they started modernising the camping site. Firstly, they put in a water pipe, they installed electricity and a sewer system. Then, they replaced the wooden toilets with a toilet building. Not long after that, the Kuiper family bought their first caravans, which they rented out to tourists. They started placing more caravans and after some time, they started building summer cottages. This process of modernisation continued until ‘De Riesen’ consisted of 25 Finnish bungalows and 27 dune bungalows: the current state of the holiday park. Furthermore, the 8 person holiday accommodations ‘De Fuik’ and ‘Kijkduin’ in Midsland Noord also belong to ‘De Riesen’.


The name ‘Riesen’ is a word in Terschelling dialect; it signifies a type of willow (in Dutch: Kruipwilg)