Have you ever felt that special island feeling that sets in as soon as you get on the ferry? The idea that you are heading towards Terschelling, surrounded by the salty sea? A place where the wind is always blowing and where the scent of the salty water makes you feel like you are being cleansed from all sorrows? The island feeling starts as soon as you get on the ferry. Sailing to a completely different world in about two hours; the mainland seems to disappear from you with every passing minute. Once you have settled in at Terschelling, you can surrender to the rhythm of the island: a rhythm of tranquillity and freedom.


Terschelling is an island you need to experience. Enjoy the bicycle paths that amount to well over 70 kilometres. The largest part of the island consists of beautiful and unspoilt nature reserves, through which you can roam for hours without bumping into another human being, even during the high season. Yet, the lively villages of Terschelling, each with their own particular character, are never far away.


Thanks to the many well-organised facilities on the island, there is no need to get bored during your stay at Terschelling, even if the weather is not as good as you had hoped. However, this is unlikely because, on average, the sun shines twice as often on Terschelling compared to the mainland.

Kaart van Terschelling
Data by OpenStreetMap.org contributors under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.