Covered wagon/horse keeping company ‘Puur Terschelling

The ambitious horse keeping company ‘Puur Terschelling’ in Oosterend offers you the possibility to go on horseback rides, covered wagon rides and donkey back rides. The company’s activities are true adventures, during which you will not only see much of the island, but you will also hear a lot of facts and details about the history and culture of Terschelling. You can go on campfire trips, you can go on shrimp fishing trips, or you can take a ride to nature reserve ‘De Boschplaat’. You can also choose to go horseback riding at night-time, or even to take your horse into the North Sea breakers.

Puur Terschelling
Anne, Danielle, Jochem en Bentum
Oosterend 39
8897 HX Terschelling Oosterend