Museum of (ship) wrecks ‘Wrakkenmuseum De Boerderij’

Slightly eccentric: this is how this museum can be labelled. Wrakkenmuseum De Boerderij is an extraordinary museum: it contains thousands of discoveries from the island. The objects exhibited in this museum were found on the beach and under the sea by divers in over 150 shipwrecks around the West Frisian Islands. It is a great attraction for your children, as the museum offers (among other things) a tree house, a pirate ship and a pirate castle. All the way at the top of the museum, you will find a magnificent treasure-chest, which is especially suited for small children.

It is a museum for children from zero to eighty years old. The museum serves food and drinks and has a beautiful outside terrace. The owners believe that their museum is the most amusing museum of all the West Frisian Islands and that your holiday on Terschelling is definitely not complete without having visited it.