Dark Sky Terschelling

Experience the night – Dark Sky Terschelling

Every year, Terschelling Recreatie pays extra attention to the theme of stargazing. The natural environment of the Wadden, on the island of Terschelling, does not suffer as much from light pollution as urbanised areas of the Netherlands. Because of this, you will see many more stars in the sky and you will experience nature and night in their purest form. If you walk into the dunes and look up, you will see a wonderful star-spangled sky. Discover this very special way of relaxing and letting go of every sorrow.

Night in their purest form
De Boschplaat, unique and pristine
Relaxing and letting go

Dark Sky Park Terschelling


The magnificence of Terschelling’s extraordinary star-spangled sky encouraged Melis de Vries to put the idea of a Dark Sky Park at Terschelling, into practice. The ‘De Boschplaat’ nature reserve was put forward as a plausible location. This is an uninhabited area of 4400 hectares on the east side of Terschelling. This nature reserve forms the border between land, sea and the Wadden; it is a true paradise for birds, but it is also a reserve that welcomes human guests. The darkness at ‘De Boschplaat’ has already been measured once. The area turned out to be one of the darkest areas of Europe’s lowlands. Having a Dark Sky Park in the Netherlands would be an extraordinary result. The fact that it is possible for a Dark Sky Park to exist in such a densely populated country, will prove that the differences within the landscapes of the Netherlands are larger than expected.


The conditions to qualify for the title of Dark Sky Park are the following:

  1. A dark sky
  2. A lighting management plan and an overview of the points for improvements in the immediate vicinity
  3. Nocturnal access to the area
  4. Activities aimed at the audience, organised in order to make the park attractive for guests and enabling people to enjoy the park
  5. Support from the people in the direct surroundings


Darkness changes everything. Every year, the village of Oosterend celebrates ‘the night of the night’, and we are currently trying to organise night-time walks and other activities by night. We are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities during your stay at our park.
Holiday park ‘Tjermelân’ has adapted its lighting in order to guarantee our guests the view of a wonderful star-spangled sky. Please be aware that it is not possible to stargaze when the moon is full or when the sky is clouded.