Information about the Cancellation fund ‘Terschelling Recreatie B.V.’

It is possible to add a cancellation fund when making your reservation. When participating in the cancellation fund you can insure yourself against the costs of a cancellation for one of the reasons stated below. The cancellation needs to be enforced with official statements. When an official statement is not possible, we have the right to open an enquiry. When making a cancellation € 35 is charged for administration costs. Untimely or incomplete payment is seen as a cancellation. Non-appearance, without notification, on the day of arrival is seen as cancellation. The premium for participation in the cancellation fund is 6% of the rental sum (without extras).


  1. Sudden illness or an accident of one of the family members.
  2. A death in the family, i.e. death of the partner, parents (in law), children, brother/sister of the principal person/family members.
  3. A special draft for military service, not with mobilisation.
  4. Un-voluntary unemployment of the principal person.


The payment of the cancellation costs or compensation for interruption of your holiday is limited to the insurance sum. The cancellation fund starts the day of the reservation and ends the day of departure. In the case of a premature interruption of the holiday for reason 1, 2, 3 or 4, the remaining prepaid expenses are paid back after deducting of the number of days that where enjoyed.